FT-NIR Spectrometer - MATRIX-F II from Bruker Optics

The award winning MATRIX-F II is one of the most recent Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometer. MATRIX-F II is the total solution for all FT-NIR needs, from raw material identification to quality control of finished products. The built-in and external multiplexer options allow the monitoring of up to 48 reactions with a single instrument. A broad range of probe adaptations are offered for determining analytic concentrations in emulsions and liquid, in addition to powders and pellets.

Salient Features

The salient features of the FT-NIR Spectrometer - MATRIX-F II are:

  • It is the first industry-hardened FT-NIR system that can directly withstand harsh environments.
  • Sophisticated optics has been incorporated in the instrument for excellent stability and sensitivity, all in a compact package.
  • Its novel design offers reliable high-quality results, minimal downtime, direct methods transfer and the possibility of new applications that less accurate and less sensitive instruments are incapable of.
  • Furthermore, the same instrument can be used both in laboratory and factory environments, eliminating the need for a new instrument when the technique developed is ready to be used on industrial scale.
  • The MATRIX-F II and its peripherals are separately enclosed modules designed to easily fit into standard 19" racks and enclosures. Since the modules can be used as independent units or mounted in a single enclosure, the process control system can be completely customized.
  • The MATRIX-F II guarantees high-consistency and easy maintenance.
  • Individual consumable components are on pre-aligned mounts and can be rapidly exchanged by the user, without realigning the optics.
  • All consumable items and electronics are placed in separate compartments, and therefore can be exchanged without disturbing the sealed, desiccated optics area.
  • On-line diagnostics monitor the performances of the electronics and of the other consumable items and advise the user if any component is not functioning properly.
  • The instrument performances are validated with the click of a button using Bruker Optics Instrument Test Software in combination with the built-in Internal Validation Unit, ensuring proper functioning of the entire system.
  • Quick servicing is rendered, ensuring that the manufacturing process is not disrupted.
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A few options are available for the MATRIX-F II system:

    FT-NIR spectrometer with fiber optic coupling to adapt up to 6 probes for solids and liquids.
  • MATRIX-F IIemission.
    Special version of the MATRIX-F II spectrometer for the adaptation of fiber-coupled measurements heads for contactless measurements (Q-410/A and Q-412/A).
  • MATRIX-F II duplex.
    Extension of the MATRIX-F FT-NIR spectrometers for the simultaneous adaptation of fiber optic probes and fiber-coupled measurement heads.

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