INVENIO: Intuitive FTIR R&D Spectrometer from Bruker

The INVENIO represents the entry-level of Bruker’s R&D FTIR spectrometers. The innovative technique, intelligent and elegant design set standards for the next generation of FTIR spectrometers. The novel optical beam path provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio, broad spectral range covering FIR/THz to UV/VIS and highest flexibility for sophisticated experimental set-ups. Up to 7 software selectable internal detectors make spectral range extensions to FIR and UV/VIS easy and reliable.

  • Optimized footprint for laboratory benches
  • Integrated touch panel with OPUS-Touch R&D software
  • MultiTectTM technology for 5 software selectable room temperature detectors
  • Additional DigiTectTM user exchangeable detector slot for e.g. liquid N2 cooled MCTs and other special detectors
  • Precise RockSolidTM interferometer for easy beamsplitter exchange
  • Unique Bruker FM technology for simultaneous mid and far IR
  • Easy upgrade for covering spectral ranges from far IR to UV/VIS
  • TransitTM channel with integrated MIR DTGS detector for quick transmittance
  • Novel optic design and powerful electronics for superior performance
  • Additional beam input and exit ports for various extensions and sophisticated experiments


FTIR analysis becomes more productive, precise and intuitive – with INVENIO

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