DLS-1000 Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy System

Semilab offers an improved, high sensitivity spectroscopy system called DLS-1000. The system is 8X more sensitive than its predecessor, the DLS-83D. The new DLS-1000 provides a fully automatic measurement mode and complete interpretation of the measured data, including concentration determination and impurity identification without any need for user interaction.

The deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) is a versatile method for monitoring and characterizing deep levels caused by defects and impurities in complete devices and semiconductor materials. This method is also suitable for determining all parameters related to deep traps including capture cross section, energy level, and concentration distribution. In addition, the DLS-1000 system helps in identifying impurities and can detect contamination concentrations less than 2*108 atoms/cm3.

Key Features

The main features of the DLS-1000 Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy System are:

  • Highest sensitivity for detecting trace levels of contamination
  • Wide range of measurement modes
  • Interfacing to a broad range of cryostats
  • Sample quality test by I-V, C-V
  • Controlled by analog and digital settings to enable ease of operation
  • Full computer control with extensive software support, complete library database for precise contamination identification

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