WT-2000PVN Multifunction Wafer Mapping Tool

The WT-2000PVN is a tabletop measurement system, capable of performing a variety of measurements on PV cells, wafers, and blocks. The base system includes the overhead functions, and you configure the measurement capabilities to match your specific needs.

The WT-2000PVN can measure blocks and ingots, as well as wafers and cells. For measuring wafers and cells, people typically produce maps. When measuring blocks or ingots, people often produce only line scans, to save time. The same WT-2000PVN can do both.

Most producers of PV cells own a WT-2000PVN. It is extremely useful for:

  • Engineering development and characterization
  • Batch testing of production
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting of production problems

Measurement Techniques that can be Integrated in WT-2000PVN

  • µ-PCD / carrier lifetime
  • SHR / sheet resistance
  • LBIC / photovoltaic response, quantum efficiency, diffusion length
  • reflectance to the LBIC / efficiency loss
  • eddy current resistivity
  • bias light to µ-PCD

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