The ViscoSensor Online Rheometer – An Effective Solution for Online Viscosity

Experience the benefits of online rheology measurement.

The ViscoSensor from Dynsico​ is specifically engineered for the thermoplastics resin industry. It provides continuous measurements of the apparent viscosity or melt flow rate directly during the manufacturing process.

The ViscoSensor system comprises of two parts; a Viscosensor Rheologic Sensing Unit (RSU) and a Rheologic Control Unit. The Viscosensor Rheologic Sensing Unit is connected directly to the process. The Rheologic Control Unit controls the Viscosensor test parameters (such as pressure, temperature, and rate), provides outputs of computed results, and offers communications to an external distributed control system when needed.

There are two versions of the control unit available:

  1. RCU: Combines the rheological properties of a Laboratory Capillary Rheometer with the MFI readings of a Melf Flow Indexer
  2. e-RCU: Supplies simplified rehological data for processors

With the ViscoSensor, reliable results can be achieved with the continuous monitoring of material properties.

Features and Benefits

The key features and benefits of the ViscoSensor are as follows:

  • Effective solution for melt index monitoring or online viscosity
  • Online intrinsic and apparent viscosities
  • Simple “in the field” calibration
  • Attaches to process using a single M18 pressure port or flange mounting
  • Online ASTM D1238 melt flow rate, ISO 1133, or JIS K 7210
  • There is no waste stream as the tested sample is returned to process
  • Two vertex mercury free pressure transducers for high accuracy
  • Interchangeable capillaries
  • Compact measuring head for close extruder connection
  • Platinum RTD melt temperature sensor immersed in molten stream for accurate test temperature measurement

ViscoSensor RCU: Ultimate Performance

ViscoSensor e-RCU: Performance Simplified

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