Cleaning Laboratory Extruders and Injection Molding Machines with the PolyClean Fluidized Baths

The PolyClean Fluidized Baths from Dynisco provide a quick, secure, and cost effective way to clean a range of components that are used in a plastic processing unit. The fluidized baths are available in two sizes and are built to be used in any laboratory facility or polymer production that requires components to be cleaned with minimum operator interference, without damaging important design specifications of the component.

The key applications of the PolyClean Fluidized Temperature Baths are as follows:

  • PolyClean Model 6L: Can be used to clean small tooling from injection molding machines or laboratory extruders, melt flow indexer dies, and capillary rheometer or other small parts that are used in small part production or polymer testing.
  • PolyClean Model 12L: Can be used to clean tooling from all injection and blow molding, extrusion, and laboratory applications. Its 12L deep basket is built to handle a wide range of components from both laboratory and production environments. It is also possible to configure the 12L with its sensor support tray allowing (2) pressure sensors to be cleaned simultaneously.

Using the Dynisco’s polyclean fluidized temperature bath allows the operator to simply lower the part in the basket, and revisit once the appropriate time has elapsed.

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