Using the LMI5500 Series to Improve Melt Flow Rate

The extraordinarily advanced LMI5500 has been designed specifically for the thermoplastics resin industry. The numerous benefits and features of this technology vary from an unprecedented level of accuracy, to unified software between all online and laboratory production equipment.

The LMI5500’s removable inspection plate, enhanced touch screen, and improved access for sample cutting, allows a greater level of ease of use. The LMI5500 can deliver a broad spectrum of data for intrinsic and apparent viscosity, melt density, melt flow rate, shear rate, shear stress, and testing conditions.


  • Gravitational correction
  • Performance meets international standards: ASTM D1238 & D3364, ISO 1133-1 & ISO 1133-2, BS2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210
  • Built in WIFI and ethernet
  • HDMI and multiple USB ports
  • Direct digital scale USB interface for sample weighing
  • Automatic sample cutter for ease and consistency in sample cutting
  • Melt Flow Rate to Intrinsic Viscosity correlation for PET
  • New Windows 10 loT touch screen native interface
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Nearly unlimited program storage capability
  • Increased access to the die for sample cutting with a strategically placed mirror to easily view the die and cutting area

Using the LMI5500 Series to Improve Melt Flow Rate

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