Dynisco Edge Device: Integrate and Aggregate Data from Existing Products

With the new Dynisco Cloud Connect™ through Microsoft® Azure, users can integrate and combine data from Dynisco’s existing products, like LCR7000 capillary rheometer, LMI4004 and LMI5000 melt flow indexers and instrumentation such as the UPR900 process indicator through the Dynisco Edge Device.

The latest Dynisco Cloud Connect™ through Microsoft® Azure also provides users with a single cloud solution that combines all their devices into a reliable, secure, and easy-to-share place, with support that can be accessed around the clock.

Moreover, the Edge device allows users to have a single board computer that helps them to better interpret and manage:

  • Material verification at every stage of the process using correlations
  • Control strategies that modify the process to enhance the quality of materials
  • Environmental conditions that cause changes in a production or test process
  • Changes in plastic properties that affect the quality of products

Dynisco’s new software RheoSights™ is now available along with the company’s LCR Capillary Rheometer. Apart from data storage, the RheoSights™ software can be used for plotting, merging, printing and automatic curve fitting of the generated data.

It can also be connected to Dynisco’s Cloud Connect that provides more insights for comparing test to test, machine to machine, operator to operator and plant to plant across the globe.

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