THMS600: Versatile Heating and Cooling Stage with Environmental Control for Microscopy and Spectroscopy

The THMS600 from Linkam Scientific is one of the most extensively utilized heating and freezing microscope stages. It is utilized in a wide array of applications where high heating or freezing rates and 0.01°C precision and stability are needed. The THMS600 has a temperature range varying from less than −195°C up to 600°C.

Samples can be characterized fast by heating op to within a few degrees of the needed temperature at a rate of up to 150°C/minute with very less overshoot, and then decelerated to a few tenths of a degree per minute to closely investigate sample changes. Also, the complete experiment can be exported to a spreadsheet application.

Various versions of this versatile stage have been developed for an array of applications such as pressure, vacuum, humidity and electrical sample measurement. Also available are sample holders to vertically mount the stage in X-ray or IR spectrometers.



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