THMS600-PS Pressure Monitoring Microscope Stage

The THMS600-PS stage can be employed to examine the impacts of pressure on the sample at the time of heating and cooling experiments by pressurizing the sample chamber up to 14 bar. This stage has been used in applications requiring less sample evaporation and sublimation.

With regards to performance, the THMS600-PS is analogous to the standard THMS600 range of freezing and heating stages and incorporates a safety release valve that makes sure the system is not over pressurized. Users can buy a manually operated digital display pressure pump as an option along with the stage.

The THMS600-PS can attain temperatures of −196 °C to 600 °C at atmospheric pressure. The stage has a temperature range of −100 °C to 500 °C at a pressure of 14 bar. The LNP96 liquid nitrogen cooling system is used to cool samples from ambient conditions.

THMS600-PS Specifications

Specifications at 14 bar

  • Has a sample area of 24.5 mm Ø
  • Size of stage body - 135 mm x 92 mm x 25.1 mm
  • Minimum working distance of condenser lens is 14.5 mm
  • Up to 100 temperature profiles can be programed
  • Minimum working distance of objective lens is 8.7 mm
  • Temperature range is from −100 °C to 500 °C (14 bar), −196 °C to 600 °C (atmospheric)
  • Choice between PC or touch screen LinkPad
  • 16 mm XY sample manipulation
  • Higher heating of 150 °C/min
  • 100 Ohm platinum sensor
  • Temperature stability is less than 0.1 °C
  • Stage can be pressurized up to 14 bar
  • Coolant can be directly injected into the block
  • Can be directly mounted to substage or microscope table
  • Can be used with reflected or transmitted light
  • Highly conductive metal for enhanced heat transfer

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