PE120: Peltier Temperature Control Stage for Microscopy and Spectroscopy

The PE120 stage is a simple to use thermoelectrically cooled stage that accurately controls the temperature of microscope slides to +/-0.1°C from -25°C to 120°C. As a low-cost system, this stage is ideally suited to basic temperature application work.


PE120 Specifications

  • Sample area 32mm x 35mm
  • 5mm aperture
  • RS232 and USB connectivity
  • Minimum objective working distance 0mm
  • Minimum condenser working distance 5.1mm
  • Stage size 105mm x 150mm
  • Control and Stability +/- 0.1°C
  • Pt100 temperature sensor
  • LCD touch screen control
  • DC power control
  • Heating/Cooling rate 0.01°C to 20°C/min
  • Temperature Range -25°C to 120°C
  • Options for recessed microscope stages and inverted microscopes
  • Options for enclosed systems with added humidity and electrical controls

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