LTS420: Temperature and Environmental Control Stage Optimized for Isothermal Analysis

The LTS420 hotstage from Linkam Scientific has been improved for isothermal analysis of huge samples where superior thermal stability and high speed heating and cooling are needed.

The LTS420 is a user-friendly and highly versatile heating and freezing stage. The stage comprises a huge area temperature-controlled element with a sensor fitted next to the surface for precise temperature measurements varying from <−195°C to 420°C (when utilized with LNP96 cooling pump).

It is simple to fit the sample on a standard microscope slide in direct contact with the heating element and manipulate it for 15 mm in both X and Y directions. The sample chamber is gas-tight and consists of valves to enable atmospheric composition control. A humidity compatible version of the stage and a version with internal probes and electrical connections are available.

The LTS120 range is available and features heating and cooling without liquid nitrogen. There is also a version for use with an inverted microscope.

LTS420 on Imaging Station.

LTS420 on Imaging Station. Image Credit: Linkam Scientific Instruments

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