HFS Probe Systems for Temperature-Controlled Microscope Stage

The HFS Probe systems are developed on the basis of the temperature control technology that powers the THMS600 heating and freezing stages. The dynamic heating and cooling performance enables covering several electrical component temperature control applications.

It is possible to connect up to four positional gold-tipped, tungsten probes (other types can be used) to electrical connectors inside the sample chamber, thereby allowing the user to carry out electrical measurements on the sample as well as precisely controlling the temperature within a gas-tight environment. The sample is simply positioned on the heating element and the probes are manually moved to create contact at the precise points. The outstanding positional resolution of the probes enables accurate contact points to be created easily. It is also possible to use this system vertically.

The LNP96 liquid nitrogen cooling system can be incorporated to cool samples from ambient temperature down to −196 °C.

An Introduction to the Linkam Probe Stages

HFS600E-PB4 Specifications

  • Provides up to 150 °C/minute heating
  • Has a temperature range from 196 °C to 600 °C (cooling option required)
  • Sample area diameter of 22 mm
  • Offers temperature stability of less than 0.1 °C
  • Quick-release gas valves for atmospheric control
  • 100 Ohm platinum resistor sensor
  • Silver heating block for high thermal conductivity
  • 22 x 0.5 mm quartz window
  • Light aperture of 2 mm Ø
  • Objective lens working distance of 4.9 mm
  • Ideal for Confocal, Laser Raman, and X-Ray and other microscope techniques
  • Stage body can be water cooled for high-temperature work (>300 °C)

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