Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition Processes and Thermal ALD - FlexAL

The FlexAL systems from Oxford Instruments offer remote plasma atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes and thermal ALD, within a single ALD system. This provides a completely new level of flexibility and capability to design nanoscale structures and devices.

  • Remote plasma and thermal ALD in a single flexible tool
  • Remote plasma ensures low damage
  • Low-temperature processes facilitated by plasma ALD
  • Ultimate flexibility in choosing precursors and materials
  • Can be coupled for vacuum transfer of substrates
  • Cassette-to-cassette handling boosts throughput ideal for production
  • Can handle wafers measuring up to 200 mm
  • Recipe-driven software interface ensures controllable, repeatable processes


The ALD product series includes a variety of tools to fulfill the different demands of corporate R&D, academia, and small-scale production.


Image Credit: Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

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