PlasmaPro 100 ICPCVD for Inductively Coupled Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (ICPCVD)

With the use of high-density distant plasmas, which generate better film quality with less substrate damage, this ICPCVD process module is intended to make high-quality films at low growth temperatures.


  • Excellent uniformity, high throughput, and high precision processes
  • High-quality films
  • Wide temperature range electrode
  • Compatible with all wafer sizes up to 200 mm
  • Rapid change between wafer sizes
  • Low cost of ownership and ease of serviceability
  • Compact footprint, flexible layout
  • Resistive heated electrodes with capability up to 400 °C or 1200 °C
  • In-situ chamber cleaning and end-pointing
  • Flexible vapor delivery module enabling deposition of films using liquid precursors, e.g., TiO2 using TTIP, SiO2 using TEOS


  • At lower temperatures, excellent-quality, low-damage films are attainable
  • SiO2, Si3N4, SiON, Si, and SiC are common materials that are deposited at substrate temperatures as low as 5 ºC
  • ICP source sizes of 65 mm, 180 mm, 300 mm deliver process uniformity up to 200 mm wafers
  • Electrodes available for temperatures ranging from 5 ºC–400 ºC
  • Patented ICPCVD gas distribution technology
  • In situ chamber cleaning with endpointing

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