High Specification Rheometer Bearing System - Kinexus Ultra+ Rheometer

The Kinexus ultra+ rheometer available from NETZSCH has the broadest torque range and highest sensitivity air bearing. Equipped with the unparalleled vertical (axial) control capabilities of the Kinexus platform, the Kinexus ultra+ enables state-of-the-art rheological testing.

The exclusive sequence-driven rSpace software allows completely adaptable test design to enable researchers to configure and examine customized rheological test protocols.

The Kinexus ultra+ rheometer includes technological novelties that allow ideal flexibility in rheological test capabilities and protocols designed for advanced research.

  • All modes of rheological operation – shear rate control, stress control and direct strain controlled oscillation at demand strain amplitude for accurate control of sample strain history.
  • Extraordinary gapping and vertical travel capabilities with highly sensitive and ultra-responsive normal force system for superior performance
  • Unrivaled dual-action abilities for both vertical and shear testing
  • Exclusive rSpace software interface provides complete flexibility of test set-up — right from completely adaptable test design for new and advanced research capabilities to sequence-driven Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-type functionality
  • Air bearing of highest specification with ultra-low torque offset to reduce corrections to data
  • Entire sample history from the point at which sample is loaded onto the rheometer is available in data file as a standard — since guaranteeing reliable rheology data for complex non-Newtonian materials starts even before a measurement is taken
  • Extensive range of measurement geometries improved for rheological characterization of difficult soft solids and fluids, such as emulsions, dispersions, gels, pastes, as well as surfactant and polymer solutions.
  • Special “plug and play” cartridge system for all environmental and temperature controllers — all power, mechanical, fluid, and communication connections are made in a single easy step
  • Smart geometry recognition with complete auto-configuration and feedback on system status to ensure robust data for all measurements
  • Multifunctional accessory design — plate cartridges include exchangeable lower plates for a low-cost solution that caters to the widest application coverage

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