NETZSCH offers a new exchangeable calorimeter module for the MMC 274 Nexus specifically dedicated to coin cell battery studies. This high temperature coin cell module is the only coin cell DSC module available and can be combined with a fully featured battery analyzer.

Thermal data and battery data can be plotted and studied on the same axis using data produced from the MMC. Users can carry out discharge tests to cycle batteries for enhanced performance, assess battery condition, and gain deeper insight into the overall condition of the battery in a temperature and isothermal scanning mode.

Key Features

The main features of the high temperature coin cell module are:

  • Dedicated calorimeter for coin cell measurement up to 300°C
  • Characterizes coin cell as a whole to imitate the cell performance in real world
  • Employs exclusive differential measuring principle for enhanced sensitivity and stability to capture even weak heat signal from coin cell
  • User-friendly and can run both scanning method and isothermal charging/discharging method for complete characterization of coin cell


The primary applications of the high temperature coin cell module are:

  • Safety study
  • Performance evaluation
  • Cell components investigation
  • Energy efficiency calculation
MMC274 Nexus Coin Cell

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