Precision XY Manipulator: Multibase XY Range

The Multibase XY manipulator from UHV Design Ltd represents the first choice for research as well as difficult production environments. This can be attributed to the true UHV performance, accurate motion, and robust construction of the device, which enables users to mount it in any direction.

The Multibase design features a pair of parallel flanges—while one flange remains fixed, the other enables movement.

A smooth, high-quality, edge-welded bellows covers the flanges to accommodate the needed movement and ensures an all-metal vacuum enclosure. The multibase XY manipulator works by modifying the position of the traveling flange with respect to the fixed system mounting flange.

The Multibase range can be motorised with the option to add encoders.

Key Features

  • Up to +/−40 mm X and Y motion
  • Can be mounted in any direction without using extra supports
  • Rugged construction for high loads
  • High-precision kinematic drive and guidance system—avoids the need for susceptible cross-roller slides
  • Rigid stops limit the traveling flange and thus protect the bellows

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