Multicentre Transmission Stage

UHV DESIGN’s Multicentre Transmission Stage, developed for a European aerospace customer, offers a multi-axes solution for transmission experiments through flag-style sample holders with a clear transmission window of 10 mm.

Thanks to the latest design of the Multicentre Transmission Stage, an ultra-thin sample can be spectroscopically examined in transmission mode while still maintaining the complete heating and cooling performance of the well-known multicentre series.

Techniques like FTIR and transmission Raman spectroscopy may benefit from this novel technology. For more information about this stage option, customers can contact UHV DESIGN.

Key Features

  • A regular flag sample plate
  • A 10-mm diameter through-hole
  • LN2 cooling to −175°C
  • Resistive sample heating to 800°C
  • Up to 1000 mm of Z motion
  • Up to five axes of motion
  • Motorization options include a polar rotation option with a rotational repeatability of 0.02°

Multicentre Transmission Stage

Image Credit: UHV DESIGN LTD

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