Wafer Flipper from UHV Design

The Wafer Flipper from UHV Design has been developed to support the shift between various system orientations, requiring the wafer to be turned over by 180°.

The design uses the magnetically coupled triple axis transfer arm, thus offering rotary and linear motions with a special sample gripping mechanism. This enables wafers to be tightly gripped with a built-in spring mechanism to prevent excessive compression. The rotary and linear motion of the specimen is obtained through a single actuator with a stroke length ranging from 304 to 1219 mm.

The wafer gripper is actuated by separately rotating the rear portion of the exterior thimble.

Key Features

  • Zero backlash under low load
  • Independent rotary and linear motion with a special wafer gripping system
  • Unparalleled 140 N axial coupling strength offers secure transfer
  • Can be baked to 250°C without having to remove any component
  • Built-in spring prevents over-compression of the wafer while gripping


Image Credit: UHV DESIGN LTD 

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