XY Manipulation for Low Duty-Cycle Applications: XY Aligner

UHV Design Ltd have launched the XYA Aligner which allows users to perform basic X and Y manipulation for low duty-cycle applications that do not necessitate high precision.

The XYA Aligner comes in CF40 (2.75″ OD), CF63 (4.5″ OD), and CF100 (6″ OD) mounting flange options, with distinct bores of 38 and 65 mm.

All the mounting flange options offer +/−10 mm of X and Y motion with the usual repeatability of 0.5 mm (based on the mid-position between increments of 1 mm).

If motorization or precision are needed, the Multibase XY products from UHV Design Ltd are a perfect choice.

Key Features

  • CF100 (6″ OD), CF64 (4.5″ OD), and CF40 (2.75″ OD) mounting options
  • CF100 and CF64 mounting flange options offer a clear bore of 65 mm
  • CF40 mounting flange option offers a clear bore of 38 mm
  • XY stroke +/−10 mm with a repeatability of 0.5 mm
  • Maximum applied load in horizontal axis: 10 Nm
  • Maximum applied load in vertical axis: 100 N

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