AutoMATE 4: A Linear 4 Reactor, Bench-Top, Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

The AutoMATE 4 is a highly versatile, linear, 4-reactor, automated parallel synthesis platform, for use in general chemical synthesis within R&D and process development, as well as more bespoke applications.  As with the PolyBLOCK 4, the four independently controlled reaction zones make AutoMATE 4 especially well-suited for DoE campaigns and the platform’s modular design allows for an easy expansion of capabilities.  In particular, the linear reactor design of the AutoMATE 4 makes it ideal for more demanding applications, such as where multiple inputs and outputs are required.

Application modules that can be added include:

  • Solubility/crystallization monitoring
  • Online calorimetry option
  • Catalyst screening

The platform supports reactor volumes of up to 500 ml per reactor and is equipped with adaptors to support a range of reactor types and sizes, including integration with H.E.L’s catalyst screening CAT reactor blocks.  Additional functionality modules include:

  • Liquid dosing
  • Gas feed
  • Liquid sampling, including integration with the ASU
  • Quick-connect refluxing option
  • Quick-connect inerting solution
  • pH monitoring

Features and Options:

Temperature Control

  • Ambient to 250 ⁰C (without external cooling).
  • Options to increase the range of -40 ⁰C (circulator dependent) or up to 350 ⁰C.
  • A separate mantle around each reactor allows the temperature to be controlled individually.
  • With a range/difference of over 100 °C between the reactors.

Independent Stirring

  • Indirect agitation with suspended magnetic stirring as standard.
  • Suspended agitation for efficient mixing on small-scale and non-viscous samples.
  • The more spacious 'suspended' stirrers are suitable for slurries.
  • Optional Overhead direct agitation for larger vessels.

Intelligent Software Control and Analysis

  • labCONSOL software control enables regular data logging, multi-step recipes, parameter control, and feedback loops. The software adds a responsive intelligence to the AutoMATE 4 system and still delivers an intuitive interface that needs only minimal training to run quickly.

Safety Features

  • Include automatic user-configurable reaction detection and shutdown procedures, to ensure user safety.
  • Automatic hardware and software fail-safes are installed on every system.

Condenser options

  • Easy quick-connect solution for condensing and inerting in larger reactors. Seals allow condensers to be removed without cooling liquid spillage. 
  • Also available reflux and inerting block, with adapters for vials, tubes, and reactors

Reactor Options

  • Vessel types are available in Glass, Stainless Steel, or Hastelloy. With reactor volumes up to 500 ml
  • High Pressure and Vacuum Systems available, more details on our high-pressure system can be found on the high-pressure variant
  • Sampling Systems through active pumps, manual dip tubes, automated level control, or multisampling units, like the ASU
  • Reagent Addition through fully automated liquid and gas feeds as well as volumetric syringe pumps. These solutions can be applied to both high and low-pressure systems.
  • Control Options all relevant inputs can be logged, enabling automated monitoring and, where appropriate, feedback control of the reactor system
  • Sensor Options
    • Temperature, pressure, pH, turbidity, conductivity
    • Integration of third-party probes is possible, such as in-situ FTIR, particle sizing probes, and Raman probes. 

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