3 Flex: High Precision Gas Adsorption for Surface Area and Porosity Measurements

Micromeritics’ 3Flex is a high-performance adsorption analyzer used to measure pore size, surface area and pore volume of particulate materials and powders.

Both standard methods and user-customized protocols can be used to characterize a variety of materials. These include catalysts, adsorbents, excipients, MOFs, zeolites, APIs and a wide range of non-porous and porous materials.

  • Vapor sorption in application-specific studies
  • High-precision gas adsorption for surface area and porosity measurements
  • Analysis sequencing for automatically quantifying chemisorption, physisorption and dynamic sorption on a single sample
  • Chemisorption and dynamic adsorption analyses for the characterization of active surfaces
3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer - Product Overview

Video Credit: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

The 3Flex is perfect for vapor or gas adsorption analysis of mesoporous (2 to 50 nm) and microporous (< 2 nm) materials. It delivers excellent resolution, accuracy and data reduction.

Thanks to a chemisorption option, the application range of 3Flex is extended to both chemical and physical adsorption for characterizing the active surface and texture of sensors, catalysts, catalyst supports and a wide range of other materials.

Besides this, the 3Flex TCD option adds dynamic chemisorption and temperature-programmed techniques and further boosts the analytical techniques available in a solo adsorption analyzer.

The TCD option helps measure chemisorption and textural properties by adding temperature-programmed reduction (TPR), desorption (TPD), oxidation (TPO) and surface reactions (TPSR) to the 3Flex analyzer. Using the pulse chemisorption option, the 3Flex TCD analysis range can be extended by adding an automated injection loop. The 3Flex TCD also features a pulse chemisorption TCD.

Features and Benefits

High-Resolution, High-Throughput Physisorption and Chemisorption Instrument

The 3Flex is recognized as the most sophisticated instrument in the field for material surface characterization. It serves as a crucial tool for achieving high-resolution adsorption and desorption isotherms to advance and verify the fundamental understanding of the development of methodologies and process enhancements.

Extend and Increase Knowledge

The 3Flex analyzer allows users to improve experimental parameters to gain a better understanding of their material. The system can analyze a sample using three individual probe gases at the same time, one on each analysis port, within a single run.

Extend the Range of Study

Users can go beyond the micropore and expand their range of resolution to the ultra-microporous level. The sophisticated transducer technology and vacuum management of the 3Flex analyzer allow users to collect adsorption isotherms as well as the pore size distributions for materials with pores down to 0.3 nm.

Optimize the Material

The 3Flex analyzer provides valuable information needed to verify theories and rationalize the design and synthesis of activated carbons, zeolites, MOFs and other products. The high throughput results from the three-port mesopore and micropore design of the 3Flex can be used to quickly characterize and understand the surface area, adsorption capacity and porosity of high-performance materials.

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