Micromeritics SediGraph® III Plus Particle Size Analyzer

The SediGraph® III Plus from Micromeritics is designed to determine particle size using the proven SediGraph technique with advanced instrumentation features to provide superior accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.

The SediGraph® III Plus directly measures mass by x-ray absorption and determines particle size by direct measurement of settling velocity. Direct measurements require no modelling. Complete particle accountability assures that all introduced sample is accounted for. The SediGraph® is capable of determining the equivalent spherical diameter of particles ranging between 300 and 0.1 µm.

Scanning the sedimentation cell from bottom to top allows exact inventory of fast-settling particles while reducing the time taken to resolve the separation of fine particles. Temperature-controlled analyses ensure that liquid properties stay constant throughout the analysis. Users can choose the appropriate combination of speed and resolution with multiple analysis speeds. Real-time display allows users to monitor the cumulative mass plot of the current analysis and to make immediate procedural changes if needed.

The SediGraph® III Plus features a durable, high-precision x-ray tube with a lifetime warranty (seven years). Multiple analyzer control allows two SediGraph® IIIs to be operated at the same time via a single computer, thereby saving lab space and making data storage convenient. Windows® operating software with Ethernet connectivity is provided for networking, point-and-click selection, cut-and paste, printer selection, and more. A highly flexible and interactive reporting system provides numerous custom data presentation options as well as particle settling velocity and grain size in Phi units.

The SediGraph® III Plus can be used in both a controlled laboratory setting and harsh production environment. It offers innovative instrumentation features to ensure that measurements can be repeated and simple to execute.

Key Features and Benefits

The SediGraph® III Plus includes:

  • High-precision x-ray tube with lifetime warranty (7 years)
  • Computer-controlled mixing chamber temperature enhances reproducibility and repeatability
  • Operations are fully automatic, therefore increasing sample throughput and reducing operator intervention, which in turn minimizes the chances for human error
  • Full particle accountability makes sure that all of the introduced sample is accounted for, including fractions below 0.1µm
  • Simplified pumping system ensures quick and easy maintenance
  • Minimal noise level for a quieter working environment
  • Maintenance reminder provides alerts for routine maintenance
  • Capability to combine data with that from other particle sizing methods, thus widening the range of reported data to 125,000µm (125mm)
  • Plot overlays provide a visual comparison of analysis results from one or more analyses; a reference or baseline analysis, for example, or a superposition of two different types of plots of the same analysis data
  • Data comparison plots provide graphical displays of the mathematical difference between two data sets (difference from reference plot) or the extent of a data point value above or below a tolerance boundary (out of specification plot)
  • Statistical process control reports for tracking performance of processes thereby allowing instant response to fluctuations
Micromeritics SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer


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