Dr Edward Ingham

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Bodycote PDL

6 Coronet Way
Centenary Park, Eccles
M50 1RE
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (161) 7873250
Fax: 44 (161) 7873251
Email: [email protected]


Dr Edward Ingham has a BSc (Hons) in Polymer Science and Technology and a PhD in the fracture mechanics of PE and modified PVC pipe grade materials and is currently responsible for leading the area of business concerning the testing and failure analysis of thermoplastic pipes and fittings.

Dr Ingham has particular knowledge is in the mechanisms by which pipe grade materials develop toughness and the failure analysis of PVC/ PE pipelines, PE welds (butt fusion and electrofusion) and plastic components.

He is involved in conducting research into developments with new materials and providing solutions and consultancy for existing problems to the Water, Gas and Mining Industries. In addition to this he has assisted with the development of a various UK standards for plastic pipes and represents the Water Industry on two standards committees concerning PE pipes and test methods for plastic pipes.

In addition to this he has published a number of papers relating to the development of slow crack growth and rapid crack growth resistance in PE and modified PVC pipe systems.

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