Compact High Speed Video Camera Specifically for Materials Testing

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has designed the compact HyperVision HPV-2 to meet the demand for high-speed video cameras that are functionally advanced and easy to use. Utilizing the high-sensitivity IS-CCD image sensor, the HPV-2 achieves ultra-fast recording, including newly developed multi-camera synchronized recording, at speeds of 1 million frames per second.

It is the only video camera to feature high resolution (312 x 260 pixels) files at all recording speeds, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including defect analysis, development of advanced technologies, and scientific, engineering and medical research.

Synchronized recording from multiple directions allows users to observe high-speed phenomena such as explosions, impacts and shock waves in more detail. The HPV-2 offers this function for up to four cameras, controlled by just one computer. Users can record from multiples angles and analyze phenomena three-dimensionally.

The compact, 9-pound HPV-2 consists of a camera head connected to a control computer with a USB cable, making it more portable and easier to set up and prepare for recording. When used with an interface cable extension unit and fiber optic cable, users can operate the system remotely from up to 160 feet away. The computer screen displays the camera image, allowing remote confirmation of the recorded image to ensure reliable imaging.

Dedicated software is compatible with Windows Vista and saves recorded images in common Windows formats, including AVI, BMP, TIFF and JPEG. Intuitive, simple-to-understand setting screens allow recording to start immediately after setting a few simple parameters.

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