OSRAM Wins Design Award for Automotive Lamp Boxes

The international contest for the red dot design award is one of the largest design competitions in the world with the red dot trophy considered to be an international hallmark of design quality. Munich-based lighting manufacturer OSRAM had the distinction of winning one of these coveted awards in 2009 for its unique spare lamp boxes designed for motorcycles and automobiles. In addition to the honour of winning this award, OSRAM's range of automotive lamps also performed well in a recent online study demonstrating how successfully the company combines design and functionality.

To emphasise their association with motorcycles, OSRAM's Night Racer and X-Racer motorcycle lamps are sold in practical helmet-shaped packaging that also serves well as a spare lamp box. This association is further highlighted by the co-branding with Schuberth, one of the leading helmet manufacturers. In countries that not only require the use of headlights in the daytime but also the carrying of a spare lamp, the helmet box is an ideal accessory.

The red dot design award jury was suitably impressed by the design of the spare box. They recognised OSRAM's spare boxes for motorcycle lamps in the shape of a crash helmet as an innovation in the Communication Design category. The mini-box for automobiles with a transparent lid that offers a clear view of the contents also won an award in the same category. Each mini-box contains one main headlight lamp, five secondary light lamps (brake and rear light, orange turn signal light, brake/rear light, rear and license plate light as well as parking light) plus three fuses. Easily stowed in the glove compartment, this box ensures that drivers always have the right spare lamp on hand.

The new rack system for automobile lamps also proves itself
The helmet and mini-boxes aren't the only articles from OSRAM that impress with attractive design. The completely redesigned rack system for automobile lamps also demonstrated its virtues in a study carried out in Germany and France. The online-based study commissioned by OSRAM put various rack designs to the test, including the old OSRAM design, the new design and a current system from a competitor. The results of the study will be used to help make product selection as simple as possible for customers.

In the study, consumers were asked to select a new headlight lamp under the most realistic conditions possible. The virtual purchasing process was concluded with a click on "Buy product". The result: The new OSRAM system achieved better values than the competition and the previous system in numerous categories both in Germany and in France.

During the study, consumers were asked about criteria such as the apparent quality and completeness of the selection, the overall impression of the rack systems and the individual packaging as well as the extent to which the products fit with the image of the company. The study also investigated whether the participants understood the additional benefits of the individual lamps and how clear and informative the packaging is.

One area in which OSRAM was able to rise above the competition was the virtual sales. The share of participants who could not decide on a product was also lower for OSRAM. The company achieved equally good results in comparison with the competition on the question of how appealing the rack system appears and how the participants rated the selection overall.


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