Master Bond Broadens Their Range of Protective Conformal Coatings for Electronic Applications

As conformal coatings are becoming more essential to electronic assemblies, Master Bond broadens their protective conformal coatings line with the addition of UV10LV. A clear, highly non-conductive, UV curing conformal coating, it is designed to restrain the impact of moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes on electronic circuitry and components.

Its high resilience bonds will not deteriorate even when exposed to adverse environmental conditions including severe heat and moisture . Master Bond UV10LV is a low viscosity UV cure adhesive compound offering an exceptionally fast cure upon exposure to UV light at room temperature. Excellent adhesion properties are obtained with metals, ceramics, glass, paper, many plastic and elastomers. The PCB protection coating achieves bond strength equal or exceeded to those obtained from conventional epoxy resins.

The fast curing mechanism of UV10LV is triggered by any convenient source of UV light such as medium pressure mercury vapor lamps. Unlike other UV systems, the UV10LV protective conformal coating can be cured in a wide range of section thicknesses. It does not have to be fully cured by the light source because polymerization will continue after initial exposure. UV10LV is not oxygen inhibited and therefore does not require an inert atmosphere. Master Bond's PCB conformal coating, UV10LV withstands exposure to temperatures up to 300°F and resists water and most chemicals. It has a refractive index of 1.55 and a volume resistivity of 1014 ohm/cm. No solvents or other volatiles are released during the curing process. Excellent fatigue resistance allows the UV curing adhesive to perform well under stress even in adverse environments. It has a shelf life of 6 months at 70oF in original unopened containers.

About Master Bond's Conformal Coatings:

Circuit Board conformal coatings are designed to enhance the long term reliability and performance of electronic assemblies, particularly when exposed to harsh conditions such as high humidity, corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures. Master Bond offers a complete line of conformal coatings that are easy to apply and provide superior protection for printed circuitry. These conformal coatings include very fast, one part, UV curing formulations, one and two part epoxies, one and two part silicones and a unique, cost effective latex system. These protective coatings for circuit boards can be applied by spraying, dipping, flow coating and other conventional processing techniques.

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