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Dow Corning’s Silicone Products Reduce Hair Breakage

According to latest lab results, certain Dow Corning specialty silicones can reinstate glide and improve smoothness of hair, while enhancing hair breakage resistance.

The silicones, when used in leave-in conditioners, offer a natural feel and look for dry and dull hair spoiled by heat produced curling and hair straightening.

In tests that replicate the impact of heat-associated damage and gauge sensory advantages, Dow Corning silicone products have surpassed the existing commercial standard. A silicone-free control formulation for hair breakage has been developed to reduce hair breakage, enhance dry combing and revive hair smoothness.

Dow Corning’s silicone products are known for their strengthening and conditioning agents for chemically treated and colored hair.

The Global Care Market Manager for Dow Corning Hair Care, Dirk Soontjens, stated that end users look for options to alter their hairstyles frequently without worrying about the associated damage done by coloring, heat and combing. The unique characteristics of Dow Corning’s Silicone products offer that flexibility to the consumers.

Dow Corning’s 5-7113 Silicone Quat Microemulsion offers heat protection, hair strengthening and powerful conditioning, the CE-7080 Smart Style provides versatile hold, hair bounce, customized curls and powerful conditioning performance and the Non-Ionic Emulsion product, HMW 2220, offers hair versatility and medium conditioning of hair.



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