Dow Corning Offers Lubrication and Roller Solutions for Digital Imaging Equipment Applications

Provider of silicone-based technologies and silicone products, Dow Corning is offering lubrication and roller products for high-end digital imaging equipment used in commercial printing and business applications.

Dow Corning brand and Dow Corning Toray brand, which utilize liquid silicone rubber (LSR) compounds, are engineered elastomers developed for the production of copier and printer rollers. The LSR elastomers have better resilience, robustness and stability and offer toner-transfer, rebound resilience and limited volume resistivity properties to the rollers. The elastomers provide dimensional stability, hardness levels, and accurate electrical and thermal conductivity to the pressure and heat rollers.

Roller and lubrication solutions for digital imaging equipment

Dow Corning also offers high-consistency rubber primers and compounds for adhering silicone rubber to metals. The company’s Molykote specialty lubricant brand offers proven lubrication solutions for sorting, ejection and paper feed gears, torque limiters and one-way clutches, bearings for pressure, heat and developing rollers, print carriages, ink cartridge and toner gears.

Teruyoshi Tanaka, who works at Dow Corning as Molykote lubricant engineer, informed that Dow Corning’s ultra-performance lubricants can be customized based on the requirement of customers.

Semi-dry lubricating compounds and oils, anti-friction coatings, anti-seize pastes and severe-duty greases are offered by Dow Corning under its Molykote brand Smart Lubrication solutions. Most of the lubricants are reinforced with lubricating solids to be used continuously or intermittently at adverse temperature conditions, at different speeds and under high loads.


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