Cortec Introduces Eco-Friendly Corrosion Control Products

Cortec has released its new line of corrosion control products, which are the result of years of dedicated research and development.

Using advanced technologies, Cortec has produced bio-based replacements that provide full corrosion control and can be used as packaging substitutes for oil derived products and adverse chemicals. The company claims that its products are cost-effective, eco-friendly and functionally better.

Cortec’s BioCortec product line includes migratory corrosion inhibitors, foam devices, EcoLine soya and canola, EcoAir, EcoEmitter, VpCI Papers, films and bags. Migratory corrosion inhibitors are derivatives of soybeans and sugar beets. They are used as concrete additives to prevent rebar corrosion.

Foam devices are produced from bio-based fibers and soy vegetable oils. They offer corrosion control by releasing VpCI molecules, which are then adsorbed into the surfaces of metals. Cortec’s EcoLine soya and canola products are developed based on the VpCI technology.

Cortec’s EcoAir is an air-powered aerosol substitute to conventional chemical propellants. The EcoEmitter is the first product in the new product line, EcoEarth. It offers protection against corrosion for optical and electronic components and devices.

The multi–metal corrosion control product, VpCI papers use only superior quality natural or neutral Kraft paper. They are completely biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. The compostable and biodegradable bags and films are specially developed by Cortec to substitute HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE films.


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