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Mayfield Plastics Whitepaper on Thermoforming

Mayfield Plastics has announced the release of "Introduction to Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Whitepaper".

Mayfield constructed the guide because they realized that many people, including designers and engineers, do not completely understand the plastic forming process.

Often confused with injection molding and rotational-molding, thermoforming processes are unique and have distinct differences for a variety of applications. Thermoforming produces custom plastic enclosures that are durable, cost-effective, high quality and aesthetically appealing while offering close tolerances, tight specifications and sharp detail. It offers flexibility in tooling and engineering, and fast set-up, in the production of custom plastic parts.

"We hope to educate engineers and designers on the finer points of thermoforming", said Harrison Greene, Vice-President of Growth and Development. "We feel it is important to educate and inform since we are the experts in this field and engineers and designers today are often faced with sourcing a huge variety of products." Greene said.

The Whitepaper compares and contrasts thermoforming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, rotational molding and injection molding as well as the importance of mold making in the process. The Thermoforming Whitepaper release may be found at

Mayfield Plastics is a manufacturer of custom pressure, vacuum formed twin sheet and thermoformed parts and components specializing in thermoformed medical devices and components, but also serving a variety of industries including telecom, electronics, computer, hospital, chromatography, machine-tool, transportation and aerospace. Materials used in thermoforming and vacuum forming include ABS, polystyrene, Kydex, polypropylene, polyethylene, Noryl, CAB, Lexan and PETG. For high temperatures application Mayfield processes polysulfone, Mindel, Radel & Ultem. Thermoformed and vacuum formed parts are manufactured up to 72 in. x 90 in. x 30 in size.


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