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Dow Corning Expands Silicone Cleaning Solution Portfolio

The durability and inertness of cured silicones is appreciated by many people in their homes, for example as bath sealants or window sealants. However if these products cure to form films in the processing equipment, it has never been an easy task to remove the films. Solvents can be used but tend to swell the silicone film rather than removing it easily.

Dow Corning Silicone Cleaning Solutions remove cured and uncured deposits of silicone to help reduce risks to safety and manufacturing processes, while increasing productivity and promoting cleaner working environments.

Dow Corning® DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent will break down the strong silicone bonds and the bonding to the equipment surface, while
Dow Corning® DS-1000 Aqueous Silicone Cleaner is a surfactant system specifically developed to remove uncured silicones from all types of surfaces.

Both products are non-flammable and have high flash points, which makes them safe to use. They also have low viscosities for easy application and use in hard-to-clean areas.

The addition of these two new products to Dow Corning’s portfolio allows customers to clean out their equipment easily and effectively. Removing cured or uncured silicone from tools, kettles, boiling lines, pipes, manufacturing equipment, floors and other surfaces can help to increase productivity with less down time due to product contamination or equipment failure. This practice also promotes overall industrial hygiene and worker safety.

“Silicone build-up and deposits in the workplace have the potential to cause a variety of issues," said Josef Roidl, Dow Corning industry scientist. "Our customers understand the importance of good cleaning habits to help reduce such risks. These new cleaners present smart solutions for customers whose products and processes use large amounts of silicone.”

Dow Corning is the chemical industry’s leading silicone solutions provider, offering a breadth of products, services and innovative technologies to meet customers’ exact needs. Chemical Manufacturing Solutions aims to proactively collaborate with customers to seek innovative solutions that will help improve operations, increase productivity, lower total cost and differentiate products. For more information or to request product samples, visit the Silicone Cleaning Solutions web page



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