HORIBA Scientific Unveils New XploRA ONE Raman Microscope

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman and optical spectroscopy systems, announces the launch of its new XploRA ONE Raman microscope. XploRA ONE offers simplicity, exceptional sensitivity and reliability for budget-conscious QA/QC and analytical labs in the industrial and routine analytical sectors.

XploRA ONE Raman microscope

XploRA ONE offers ‘One-Shot’ full spectral analysis and programmable measurement templates for the Raman analysis and identification of samples. This translates to simple operation from acquisition to reporting!

XploRA ONE has a simplified and easy-to-use configuration and user interface, powered by our new LabSpec 6 software suite. The intuitive interface enables a logical experiment workflow, from sample acquisition and visualization, measurement set up, data interpretation and final reports. The end result is a Raman microscope designed to optimize productivity and efficiency at the push of a button, without compromising features or results.

XploRA ONE provides an affordable entry into full confocal Raman microscopy, with an option for our SWIFT technology which provides Raman imaging up to 10X faster! The system includes auto-calibration and validation software to ensure data accuracy with ‘one shot’ operation. Spectral databases are also included for simple interpretation of results. Laser options are integrated internally (532nm or 785nm CLS high brightness) for optimized sub micron-resolved measurements.

“XploRA One is ideally suited to routine and QC measurements of a host of applications, including polymers, pharmaceuticals, carbon nanotubes and coatings, graphene, semiconductors, geological and forensic samples,” said Andrew Whitley, VP of Sales for HORIBA Scientific. “As both a high performing microscope and Raman micro-spectrometer, the price tag makes it an especially attractive instrument for QA/QC chemists and analytical scientists who previously were not able to access this attractive technique.”

XploRA ONE is currently available. For more information, please go to http://www.horiba.com/us/en/scientific/marketing-us/xplora-one/ or contact us directly at 732-494-8660 ext. 8355


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