Dow Corning to Showcase Release Modifiers, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives, Additives and Technologies at LabelExpo Europe 2013

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, today unveiled at LabelExpo Europe 2013 its new Syl-Off® SL 35 Release Modifier, the next generation of controlled release additive technology for solventless release coatings.

The new product complements the already diverse and growing selection of high-performance silicone technologies the company is showcasing here at LabelExpo Europe in Stand #7M55. These include Dow Corning’s industry-leading portfolio of advanced pressure-sensitive (PS) technologies, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) and additives, as well as its broad array of other high-end products for the packaging and label industry.

“The products Dow Corning is highlighting at LabelExpo Europe demonstrate our dedication to improving silicone technologies that advance PS and labeling performance to drive greater efficiencies to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs,” said Kris Verschueren, Packaging market manager at Dow Corning. “Our new Syl-OffSL 35 Release Modifier, for example, has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of platinum used in traditional formulations while maintaining narrow control of the release force. This allows for improved fine-tuning of both cost and performance.”

Syl-Off SL 35 Release Modifier offers tight release at very low platinum (Pt) levels with superior stability and shelf life. Designed for low-platinum, solventless systems, it leverages the potential of Dow Corning’s Syl-Off Advantage Series Solventless Systems to give customers the best in both quality control and cost savings. It is suitable for use in the manufacturing of pressure sensitive label stock, single- and double-sided release papers, liners for adhesive tapes and other coatings for sticky materials.

In addition to this advanced new product technology, Dow Corning is also showcasing a broad array of high-performance solutions for the package and labeling sector, including:

  • Syl-Off® Brand Advantage Series Solventless Release Coatings: Recently released Syl-Off® SL 181 and Syl-Off® SL 581 Solventless Release Coatings both feature stable, flat release profiles and require low platinum levels to cure. These materials facilitate fast line speeds without misting and are suitable for a variety of applications, including pressure-sensitive laminates, non-stick packaging, liners of technical adhesive tapes and industrial release papers.
  • Syl-Off® Brand Emulsion Coatings: Products in this line offer low coat weights, and are suitable for diverse applications, from protective films for electronics to process liners for adhesive tape manufacturing. They include:
    • Syl-Off® EM 7934 Emulsion Coating offering superior anchorage for both off-line and in-line coating during the film manufacturing process
    • Syl-Off® EM 7935 Emulsion Coating for in-line use, and offering excellent anchorage on polyester substrates
  • Syl-Off® Brand Fluorosilicone Release Coatings: Release coatings in this family of materials provide consistent, stable, low-force release from silicone PSAs. These materials are ideal for use when manufacturing delicate films, and can bear the rigors of coating and curing processes without compromising the final product. Applications for these release coatings include transfer films, labels, industrial tapes, double-sided tapes and more. Dow Corning’s products include:
    • Syl-Off® Q2-7785 Release Coating, which features a very low release force over time and issuitable either as a transfer coat with silicone PSAs or for direct cast applications.
    • Syl-Off® 7555 Coating and Syl-Off® 7786 Coating, which offer both solvent and solventless coating options.

Dow Corning will further round out its display with other select packaging technologies – including adhesives, additives and masterbatches from Multibase – representing the company’s diverse and expanding pallet of solutions designed to increase customer competitiveness across the entire label value chain.

  • Dow Corning® 7651 and Dow Corning® 7652 Adhesives: These materials feature low and stable adhesion, optical transparency and clean removal even under challenging environmental and processing conditions. They support the creation of high-performance protective films for mobile device touch-screen and flat-panel display applications or for re-workable films and tapes.
  • Dow Corning® HV 495 Emulsion: This advanced product technology contains high viscosity polydimethylsiloxane, and has found application as a release agent and lubricant to treat knives used for cutting during production of adhesive tapes, making the knives much easier to clean.
  • Ultra-High- Molecular-Weight (UHMW) Siloxane Masterbatches from Multibase: Materials from this line can be added to the film contact layer, seal layer or abuse layer. Their high molecular weight enables them to migrate to the surface during the melt, providing slip to the surface of the film, reducing friction against machines rollers and die build-up, and improving line speed and mold release during processing. They create a final product with improved scratch and wear resistance and enhanced surface feel – ideal for cast, blown, multilayer co-extrusion, and oriented film producers.
    • Dow Corning® MB50-001 Masterbatch and Dow Corning® MB50-801 Masterbatch are designed for use as additives in manufacturing biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) systems.
    • Dow Corning® MB50-002 Masterbatch and Dow Corning® MB50-802 Masterbatch are designed for use as additives in polyethylene (PE) compatible systems.
  • Dow Corning® BrandAdditives: Suitable for paint, ink and coating formulations, these high-performance materials are designed for versatility and ease of use. Compatible with most binder systems and suitable for low-volatile organic compound (VOC) applications, Dow Corning brand additives deliver the difference that today’s discerning customers demand and provide problem-solving performance at low concentrations in both solvent-borne and waterborne formulations.

All of the products that Dow Corning is featuring at LabelExpo represent the culmination of the company’s 70 years of expertise and market-driven innovation. All are designed to produce the consistent and reliable results that customers need to maintain their competitive edge in this fast-moving market.

Dow Corning experts will be on-hand at the booth to discuss individual needs and identify the best solutions to visitors' unique manufacturing challenges.


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