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Cortec’s CorroLogic Corrosion-Under-Insulation System Enables Real-Time Corrosion Rate Monitoring

Cortec’s CorroLogic™ Systems has a Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI) program that applies a systematic approach for CUI assessments, repairs, and documentation. Developing and implementing a comprehensive CUI program is essential to reduce the risk to your operations. 98% of insulation system problems are caused by moisture that leads to physical deterioration.

This compromises the equipment and insulation system integrity, triggering significant economic and safety issues. Cortec’s CorroLogic™ products, processes, and equipment are used to alleviate CUI in a wide variety of environments. The equipment is capable of producing real-time measurements at the surfaces of insulated pipe. The processes incorporate the application of Cortec’s proven, patented, multi-phase VpCI® chemistry to eliminate external surface corrosion. The CorroLogic™ System will make a huge impact on mitigation of CUI with no service disruption, no recoating, and no insulation removal.

Industry estimates indicate that CUI costs the chemical and oil-and-gas industries in excess of $100 million annually. A thorough CUI program should help facility managers and engineers identify strategies for implementation. It should consist of prevention, early detection, mitigation, and a mechanical integrity preventative maintenance program designed to continually address the hazards of CUI. The Cortec® CorroLogic™ CUI System includes all of these with real-time corrosion rate monitoring to evaluate the corrosiveness of the insulated pipe environment and effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor. Long-term control of CUI is engineered into the program through easy and economical replenishment of VpCI® as needed.

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