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Morgan PLC Shines a Light on Women in the Manufacturing Sector

Morgan PLC is celebrating the achievements of its people, particularly its female talent, to highlight the fantastic contribution to the company and encourage future women leaders in the manufacturing sector. 

Morgan Advanced Materials is made up of some really amazing people, such as the women occupying essential leadership positions, including role models in finance, operations, communications and IT. The company aims to be a caring organization where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Our fundamental principle is that ‘it is not just what you do, but how you do it’.

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Meet Stacey

Stacey Kent, Global Finance Director is one such inspirational woman working for Morgan. She is based in Windsor and works in our Seals and Bearings global business unit. Stacey has worked at Morgan for 13 years in a number of different roles. Stacey began her Morgan career within the treasury space and commented: “I felt like this was a comfort blanket as I knew what I was doing.”

Stacey is also a great leader to her team which has only increased over time. More recently, several members of her team highlighted Stacey as an inspiration to others. This feedback was received as part of a celebration of the women behind Morgan’s success and linked to International Women’s Day celebrations.

Morgan PLC sat down with Stacey to ask her views on why her team and others believe she is such a great role model.

How do you find being a leader?

I'm quite a people person, so it comes naturally to work with people. I would not say that I'm outwardly outgoing and chatty, but I do like to make sure that people are comfortable and safe in the environment that they are working in. That is where I see my role as a leader. I am not a technical expert; I am there to coach and guide the team.

How have your experiences helped you in your career?

Experiencing challenging situations has made my career and has led me to approach my team and situations in a specific way. Although there have been challenges, and at the time, it felt difficult, these challenges have had a positive effect on my leadership skills in the long term. I would also say it's made me a bit more open to taking risks. My earlier career within Morgan was within the treasury space, I felt that that was my comfort blanket but as I moved through different roles, I gained more exposure each time. Those challenges and experiences, both from the external and internal environment, have helped me in the way I assess situations and with my leadership processes.

How do you positively influence members of your team?

I make sure that I reach out to each of my team for a one-on-one session, check in and ensure they are okay. I need to discuss their broader career aspirations, where they want to go, and how I can support them as their team leader. This helps positively influence them, as they know they can feel comfortable talking to me. Knowing that you have someone happy to sponsor and support you is always nice when you report to someone. I’ve experienced that from my leaders or people I work with, and I try to replicate that as much as possible.

How do you find working at Morgan?

I like it as I have been here 13 years. The key that makes Morgan a great workplace is the people you work with; many of them have been brilliant. At Morgan, we have done a lot of work to bring in many talented people, and working among them is excellent. Seeing the investment in our people is good. A solid executive group of people who are pretty diverse, open to change, and moving Morgan along is crucial to making Morgan a great workplace.

Did you take inspiration from anyone when becoming a leader?

When I first began my leadership role at Morgan, I was close to that starting point. I didn’t feel like I had much experience as a team leader or what approach to take. Then I decided to join the 'Catalyst’ program, designed to support leaders and help them test the waters on different leadership approaches, styles and work out who they are in your space. That was helpful, and I think the Morgan talent team does a fantastic job on those programs. It has inspired me to get involved every year as someone who's been through the process, to support on a coaching and mentoring level. Besides this, I have been fortunate to have had several good bosses. I have always felt valued and incorporated that into my leadership approach.

I need to work for an organization that treats people fairly, and in terms of how I like to work, it helps me stay focused, knowing I share the same values as the company I work for. It is essential for people to feel empowered and allow them to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes.

What would you say to other women to encourage them to get involved in the field?

​​​​​​Diversity in the industry benefits everyone and drives better performance; trying to fit the mold and adjusting your style to fit in with what has been accepted in the past limits change. Leading with compassion and empathy is possible.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be yourself; the best outcomes and results come from a place of authenticity. Being yourself means you are more invested in activities, and people around you will put more trust in authentic actions.


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