Ecologically Sound Waterproof Leather Technology

Chemists at Bayer have succeeded in producing a waterproofing system for leather that requires no mineral salt containing fixing agents. Furthermore, the new product is claimed to exhibit good wear comfort, low water absorption and high permeability to water vapour, allowing the leather to breathe.

The system consists of two components Xeroderm P-AF and Xeroderm S-AF. Xeroderm P-AF is a special polyacrylate which reduces water absorption, while Xeroderm S-AF is a silicone based material providing waterproofing under dynamic conditions. It is also suitable for a broad range of coloured leathers from pale to brightly dyed colours as well as very soft grades.

The main advantage is that the system is ecologically sound containing no mineral salts such as chrome, aluminium or zirconium.

Testing has shown that waterproof characteristics are maintained after 50,000 flexes in the Maeser test or 8 hours in the Bally penetrometer.

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