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Materials Processing Podcasts

ICETECH, John Martin, Director

The core technology was derived from dry ice blasting but has evolved and now allows us to clean delicate items such as printed circuit boards making them contaminant-free, without introducing any other contaminants.

STREM CHEMICALS - Technology Diffusion for Commercialization of R+D Ideas

While Strem are a chemicals company they are constantly developing technologies of their own. In addition to this they are in close contact with academic and industrial researchers and coming across new technologies and processes all the time. As such Strem offer the ideal vehicle for linking up those with new technologies, with those in need of it so that new products can reach commercialization as quickly as possible.

CARBOLITE - Robert Harms, Sales Director, North America

Robert talks to us about Carbolite's range of laboratory scale furnaces with operating temperatures from 1000 to 1800°C with state-of-the-art control systems. He also introduces us to Carbolite's recently developed microwave assisted box furnace that combine both microwave heating with radiant heating. The advantages of this technology are explained.

OMAX CORP., Patrick Turpin, International Coordinator

One of the big advantages of abrasive water jet cutting is that it can cut almost anything. It can cut hard ceramics, kevlar, carbon fibre composites, right down to soft materials such as sponge. The only thing we have found that it can’t cut is tempered glass.

BULLEN ULTRASONICS - Thomas Fote, Sales Manager

Bullen's core competency is ultrasonic machining of hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, glass, sapphire and quartz. Tom explains how the ultrasonic machining process works, the size of features that can be machined and the tight tolerances that can be achieved.