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Materials Testing Podcasts

Materials Testing Podcasts

NANOSIGHT, Andrew Malloy, Head of Applications Sciences

The LM20 from Nanosight is the only instrument that can visualise and size nanoparticles on an individual basis.

CSM INSTRUMENTS - Nicholas Randall, Vice President Business Development

Nicholas explains the range of instruments CSM which fall into the categories of indentation, scratch testing and tribolical testing and their wide appeal.

OXFORD INSTRUMENTS NANOANALYSIS - Kara Noack, Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Kara introduces us to Oxford's range of chemical analysis instruments for the nanomaterials sector. These include EDS, WDS and EBSD systems, as well as the Kleindig manipulator which can move minute objects.

ACTLABS - David Beauchamp, Customer Service Representative

Actlabs have recently gotten into the testing of RoHS-5 (hazardous) materials and explains the various test methods for detecting them including neutron activation, hot water leach and x-ray fluorescence and their relevance to industries such as electronics.

HORIBA JOBIN YVON - Philippe Hunault, General Manager Emission Group and Paul Tivin, Sales Engineer, Thin Film Group

Philippe tells us about a new ICP system developed by Horiba that recently won an award at PITTCON earlier in the year and the reasons why it is so simple and accurate to use, as well as its comprehensive database for materials identification. He also discusses a new Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer for depth profiling.

ZWICK ROELL, Stefan Roell, CEO

Industries that have embraced these new video capture and non-contact extensometer technologies include the metals, plastics, automotive, medical and textile industries

MICRO MATERIALS , Denise Hoban, International Business Development Manager and Adrian Harris, Sales and Applications Engineer

The Nanotest nanoindentation system from Micro Materials differs from other nanoindentation systems available in the market place in that it incorporates a horizontal loading system and can perform tests that simulate real life operating conditions.

THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC, Jon Shein, Director Global Marketing for NITON Analyzers

The most recent application that Thermo Niton has been developing for the XL3 is the screening of toys and other consumer goods for lead and other heavy metals.

MICROMERITICS - John Guerin, Director of Global Accounts

John tell us about the Elzone II particle size analyzer which uses the Coulter electrical sensing principle and features a host of new capabilities. He also explains the advantages of this technique over other more conventional particle size analysis methodologies.

STORK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY - Audrey Bressler, John Alexander and Tom Augustin

Audrey from Stork Climax Research, who provide failure analysis, fatigue analysis, mechanical testing, full chemistry as well as corrosion and wear testing as well as hot hardness testing up to 800°C which is quite rare in the US.