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How to Get the Most Out of Orbis Micro-XRF Measurements with Multiple Acquisition Conditions?


Measurement of trace elements can be improved by optimizing micro-XRF acquisition conditions. However, it may take more than one set of acquisition conditions to get the best results for various trace elements.

Spectral data can be collected under varying conditions on the Orbis micro-XRF system to minimize the effects of background, tube scatter and spectral artifacts.

In this webinar we will show some examples using glasses and gemstones, but this technique also has applications in a wide variety of fields including forensics, industrial QC/QA, gemology, geology, metal alloys and more.


Dr. Bruce Scruggs
Product Manager, XRF

Bruce is the XRF Product Manager at EDAX and he has been involved with XRF for over 17 years since joining EDAX. Bruce holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Valparaiso University and graduate degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started out working in applications for a company which builds innovative sample handling equipment for solid-state NMR. Bruce got involved in XRF when a headhunter confused RF radiation with X-ray radiation and the rest is history.

While at EDAX, Bruce has also been the Product Manager for Service working to improve the quality of service and speed of response time.

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