Up to 1,700 nm with Custom Bandwidth - NIR-1.7 Range

Avantes offers three spectrometer configurations for measurements in the near infrared range out to 1.7 µm or 1700 nm.

The AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 is the most cost-effective instrument in the NIR-range of spectrometers manufactured by Avantes, but offers outstanding performance specifications such as a sample speed of just 1.06 ms/scan and integration times as swift as 10 µs. This instrument is also available in RS-version which allows users to easily change the slit within seconds.

The AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7 TEC spectrometers are also affordable and can be operated in two different gain-setting modes - the low-noise (LN) mode and the high-sensitivity mode (HS, default). A software option enables setting of the different gain modes.

The NIR-1.7 instruments are available with a selection of four different gratings, making it possible to select the bandwidth matching a specific application. Analog and digital I/O ports enable external triggering and control over the shutter and pulsed light sources from the Avantes series of products. The uncooled AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 is USB2 powered, but the TEC cooled instruments need external power.

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Technical Information

Spectrometer AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7TEC AvaSpec-NIR512-1.7TEC
Optical Bench Symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 50 mm focal length Symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 50 mm focal length, TE cooled
Wavelength range 900 - 1750 nm
Resolution 2.0-50 nm 1.5-50 nm
Stray light < 1% < 0.5%
Sensitivity HS in counts/µW per ms integration time 1,300,000 (integral 1000-1750 nm) 2,770.000 (integral 1000-1750 nm)
Signal/Noise HS 2000:1 1700:1
Integration time HS 10 µs - 750 ms 20 µs - 1 second
Sensitivity LN in counts /µW per ms integration time 74,000 (integral 1000-1750 nm) 96,000 (integral 1000-1750 nm)
Signal/Noise LN 6000:1 3600:1
Integration time LN 10 µs - 8 seconds 20 µs - 35 seconds
Detector InGaAs linear array, 256 pixels, 50 µm x 500 µm TE-cooled InGaAs linear array, 256 pixels, 50 µm x 500 µm TE-cooled InGaAs linear array, 512 pixels, 25 µm x 500 µm
AD converter 16 bit, 500 kHz 16 bit, 2.4 MHz
Interface USB 2.0 high speed, 480 Mbps RS-232, 115.200 bps
Sample speed with on-board averaging 1.06 ms /scan 0.19 ms /scan @ 0.08 ms int. time 0.31 ms /scan @ 0.09 ms int. time
Data transfer speed 1.56 ms /scan (USB2)
60 ms /scan (RS-232)
1.0 ms /scan (USB2)
60 ms /scan (RS-232)
1.2 ms /scan (USB2)
120 ms /scan (RS-232)
Digital IO HD-26 connector, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out, 3 Digital in, 12 Digital out, trigger, synchronization
Power supply Default USB power, 350 mA or with SPU2 external 12 VDC, 150 mA 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 35 W
Dimensions, weight 175 x 165 x 85 mm, 2.2 Kg 244 x 144 x 254 mm, 5.1 Kg

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