NIR Spectrometer - AvaSpec-Mini-NIR

Avantes introduces AvaSpec-Mini-NIR, the latest compact near-infrared spectrometer in its CompactLine series. The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR is based on a combination of the well-known AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 and Mini-series from Avantes.

The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR spectrometer may not be as sensitive as the larger NIR spectrometers from Avantes, but this dip in sensitivity is highly compensated by its robustness and size.

Similar to the other CompactLine spectrometers from Avantes, this instrument is only the size of a deck of cards and is USB-driven, which renders it easy to combine with other devices, including but not restricted to OEM handheld applications.

The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR runs flawlessly with Avantes AvaSoft software, and the readily available Linux and Windows libraries.


This multipurpose small NIR spectrometer is ideal for numerous applications, such as the recycling industry and food analysis. Some of the applications for this instrument are given below:

  • Recycling
  • Dairy industry
  • Fertilizer analysis
  • Moisture content measurements
  • Wheat and grain analysis

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