Top Hat Furnace Models from Deltech Inc

Top hat furnace models include fixed loading platforms or kiln cars, multi-car systems with programmable linear actuation to allow automatic positioning and removal of kiln cars from the furnace.

Key Features

The key features of top hat furnace model are:

  • Optimal temperature uniformity through design, including heating elements on all four sides
  • Production size furnaces are designed to allow relining of the hot face materials while leaving the other layers intact
  • Ceramic "pin and washer" anchoring of the walls and ceilings afford durability at high temperatures and over repeated cycles
  • Workload stability, the furnace moves not the loading platform
  • Optional programmably operated forced air and vent flaps
  • Optional atmosphere envelopes for applications requiring inert atmospheres, positive pressure atmosphere envelopes
  • Optional vacuum-assisted evacuation of controlled atmosphere units
  • Optional ceramic linings for processing of glasses and other corrosives

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