Models include bottom loading, front loading, bottom loading vertical tube units for convenient loading of small crucibles combined with corrosion resistance and atmosphere control. The temperature range is 1600, 1700, 1800° C (2900, 3100, 3300° F).

Key Features

The key features of the glass melting furnace are:

  • Ceramic linings for corrosion resistance. Stir ports, pneumatic or electric lift systems, safety lock on load platform
  • Optional atmosphere envelope designs for processing in inert gases
  • Custom designs for unique application requirements.
  • Standard models feature workspaces of 5.5" in diameter x 6" high; 11" in diameter x 12" high; and 18" in diameter by 16" high.
  • Optional customer choice of pneumatic or electric lift for bottom loading and top loading models
  • Optional atmosphere envelopes for processing in inert gases and air powered stirring mechanisms

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