Rotary tube furnaces are ideal for applications such as calcining that necessitate the continuous throughput of loose materials. Every Deltech rotary tube furnace is custom designed to be the right size and configuration for each process requirement.

Rotary Tube Furnaces

Rotary Tube Furnaces. Image Credit: Deltech, Inc.

Customer Comments

Deltech makes an excellent product and provides superior customer support.

We just did the pilot plant testing using your furnace. It worked great and the pilot was a success.


  • Resistance heated with silicon carbide or molydisilicide heating elements for sustained operating temperatures up to 1700 °C
  • Customized rotation speeds and gradients
  • Single and multiple zones
  • Optional gas mixing, detection, and alarm systems
  • Completely programmable operation with fully integrated control panels
  • Processing in air, oxygen, and inert atmospheres
  • Optional exhaust scrubbers with plumbing and control integrated into the Deltech control and gas mixing systems

Information Required to Start the Design Process

  1. The material of choice for the tube (quartz, stainless steel, Inconel, etc.)
  2. Desired rotational speed (3–7 rpm is standard)
  3. Type of feed (vibratory hopper, screw conveyor, other or none)
  4. Whether it is essential to seal the furnace
  5. Whether gas mixing or safety features are required

Even if the user does not have all the answers, Deltech can assist in identifying the features of their custom rotary tube furnace system that are optimal for their process.

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