Front Loading Furnace from Deltech Inc.

The front loading furnace features manual or power operated, "swing" or guillotine type doors. One can specify the type or make recommendations based on operator safety and engineering efficiency.

An outstanding difference is the special laminate door design, featuring the highest quality materials available to ensure long life for this most vulnerable part of any front loader.

Key Features

The key features of the front loading furnace are:

  • The temperature range is 1600, 1700, 1800° C (2900, 3100, 3300° F)
  • The smallest practical workspace is 6" cubed. One may specify the workspace size and configuration that is optimal for one’s application and the same will be customized to one’s need
  • Optional programmably operated forced air and vent flaps
  • Optional atmosphere envelopes for applications requiring inert atmospheres
  • Optional ceramic linings for processing of glasses and other corrosives

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