Custom Tunnel Kilns at a Small Scale

A shift from electric-fired furnaces to gas-fired furnaces can lead to considerable variations in product results. A custom tunnel kiln designed by Deltech provides an excellent means to expand while replicating the conditions common in resistance-heated batch furnaces.

Based on a user’s process parameters, a tunnel kiln may be preferable to a production size 'top hat,' front-load furnace, or bottom loader, while still retaining the quick heating and cooling and superior temperature uniformity property of Deltech noncontinuous furnaces.

Tunnel kilns

Tunnel kilns. Image Credit: Deltech, Inc


  • Fiberboard or ceramic lined
  • Stable operating temperatures of up to 1800°C
  • Includes optional controlled atmosphere capability
  • Available with single or multizone equipped with preheat and cool-down sections
  • Control systems are customized like users’ new kiln
  • Intertek UL508A-compliant control systems
  • The potential to add extra length as product demand increases

Information Required from Users to Start the Design Process

  • Workspace size
  • Product characteristics
  • Number of zones
  • Temperature needs of separate zones
  • Product dwell time at the preferred temperatures
  • Preferred operating temperatures

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