Bottom Loading Furnace From Deltech Inc.

Temperature range is 1600, 1700, 1800° C (2900, 3100, 3300° F). The models include "BL" Bottom Load Furnaces with octagonal workspaces and "SBL" square bottom loading models with rectangular workspaces.

Key Features

The key features of the bottom loading furnace are:

  • Pneumatic or electric lift systems, safety interlocks
  • Deltech uses the highest quality, most energy efficient insulating materials
  • The smallest "BL" model octagonal workspace bottom load furnace features a 5.5" in diameter x 6" high workspace
  • The smallest "SBL" square bottom loading furnace features a 6" cubed workspace
  • Optional programmably operated door operation and forced air and exhaust vent flaps
  • Optional atmosphere envelopes for applications requiring sealed workspaces for processing in inert gases.
  • Optional removable atmosphere modification kits allow inexpensive processing in inert gases as needed.
  • Optional ceramic linings for processing of glasses and other corrosives

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