The new dilatometer DIL 402 Expedis Classic represents a robust and easy-to-use all-in-one instrument. All instruments of the DIL Expedis series feature the revolutionary NanoEye measuring cell; a new dimension in measuring range and accuracy.

Ease of Use

Major simplification begins with preparation of the measurement by using method-based test routines predefined by the operator. The MultiTouch feature places the sample into the optimum position using a unique, tail-like motion.

The initial sample length is then automatically determined at a predefined contact force. The furnace closing is made smooth by cushioning which guarantees stable sample positioning. Exchanging the furnace is simple and requires no detailed experience. Only a few clicks are needed to start the measurement.

All-In-One Design

DIL 402 Expedis Classic is available as a single or dual/differential system. In both versions, the all-in-one design incorporates all hardware components which are usually necessary for precise dilatometer measurements. There is no inconvenient cable tangle nor is an external chiller required.

Long Life Cycle

Expedis Classic supports your smooth production flow by maintenance-free operation, low work load, long life cycle, simplified and safe operation. The system’s sophisticated design also includes effortless exchanging of the sample holder system with no risk of distortion.

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Best Sample Conditions

Defined atmosphere by gas-tight design and superior insulation are prerequisites for precise measurement results. Optimum measurement conditions are realized by the gas-tight design and integrated gas flow device.

The gases can be directed through the measuring cell and sample compartment. In addition, insulation of the sample compartment avoids temperature fluctuations independent from the environment.

Controlled Contact Force

The controlled contact force allows the operator to measure small, delicate, fragile or foamed samples without risk of breakage and any non-reproducible deformation and to keep the contact pressure over the entire measurement time constant.

Also, this feature allows a highly reproducible sample length measurement independent of the respective operator. Sliding and rolling friction, stickslip effects, etc. in the measurement system will now also be avoided.

Temperature Measurement to the Point

In order to conveniently measure various sample lengths, the thermocouple is adjustable. A guiding rod accommodates the thermocouple for moving it into the desired position without bending.

NanoEye Observes Your Sample

The new, pioneering NanoEye displacement system features perfect linearity and maximum resolution over a measuring range which was impossible to realize until now. The heart of the NanoEye is an optoelectrical sensor able to encode a position and convert it into a digital signal. Using a linear encoder has the advantage that resolution, accuracy and linearity remain stable over the entire measurement and temperature range. NanoEye is maintenance-free.


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